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Micro Cube is a global performance-based online marketing company, dedicated in delivering results and achieving higher ROI for advertisers. With its professional creative team and experienced campaign management and optimization teams, Micro Cube knows the best how to turn impressions to clicks, and turn clicks to conversions, in order to acquire massive quality users through Internet.


Your target is our target, as all of our campaigns are performance based. No matter you’re pursuing app installs, user registrations or product purchases etc., we will evaluate the media cost and tailor online campaigns for you. Micro Cube ensures you make the best use of your budget and achieve your KPI.

The right ad - We develop powerful creatives. Then Test. Tweak. Retest. Improve. Ensure each ad attracts attention and each landing page converts.
The right user - Each month we reach more than 5,000,000 unique users. Our dedicated media team helps you reach the ones who are most likely to be interested by your product/service.
The right place - With access to global traffic and hyper-classified audience , we serve ads to your target users whether through websites or mobile apps.
The right result - Set up your KPI, and we will optimize toward it and deliver good result to you.

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